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Customers find your business on business listing sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google My Business more than ever before, even for super-small local microbusinesses, pop-ups, solopreneurs, freelancers, contractors, and more. Because of these dozens of business listing sites, the internet has essentially become a goldmine of advertising and exposure for small business owners. Although it is free, adding, updating, and maintaining your listing is a chore in and of itself. We’ll make sure your reputation stays pure. 

Business listing sites for your local business

To help business owners such as yourself, we’ve compiled a list of  online communities, directories, and any business listing sites where you should have a profile. Read the short descriptions below each site and decide which platforms you want to be listed on.

Google My Business

Shoppers use the most popular search engine for information about and directions to local stores. For everything. It’s the main street of the web. According to Google, 50% of all the mobile consumers who use Google for local searches in a day visit the businesses they search.


The third most popular review website on the web, Yelp is used daily by millions searching for local small businesses, especially restaurants.

Bing Places for Business

With slightly more users than Yahoo, Bing is Microsoft’s search engine. Bing Places for Business is where small business owners can access their local listings. Every Microsoft computer’s default web browser is Internet Explorer and searches with Bing, so it’s worth your time to set up your business information for Skype, Office, Xbox, and Surface tablet users.


According to the digitally re-invented Yellow Pages’ website, 60 million people still search for businesses on its directory. It’s free to claim your business’s “yp Profile.”


Another top five review website, TripAdvisor’s 415 million monthly users have smoke coming from their keyboards — over 535 million reviews have been published on the site. Your small business, especially if it’s in the hospitality space, is missing out on a windfall of digital awareness and feedback if you’re not on TripAdvisor.

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has been vouching for marketplace trust since 1912. It’s the number one website for reporting scams and other quackery. It’s free to have your business listed in the nonprofit organization’s database. Simply search for your business and if it’s not there, follow these steps to add your business to BBB. Highly recommended for local law firms.

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A domain name can be one of a company’s most valuable assets. So, whether you’ve been using your domain name for years or have just acquired it, you should obviously be sure to protect it — to ensure that you don’t lose it due to oversight, deception or illegal activity.